s e r v i c e s

Full Customizations

At Ginger Tickets, we not only sell you some pre designed packages, but we can also curate a trip as per your needs. You can choose any kinds of customizations and our experts will be happy to assist you with most of them.

Best hotels

At Ginger tickets, we can provide you the most affordable hotels as per your budget so that you have an amazing experience.

food and drinks

You can customize the travel package so that you enjoy the regional food at the place you're visiting. Our experts can also arrange tables at best restaurants on demand.

Group adventures

Are you a person who's always up for adventures? We also customize group packages where you will find like minded people, seeking adventure aeound the world.

Across the globe

We have a network of people across the globe, that helps us design the best package you can possibly imagine. You name a place and we can customize your trip as per your needs.

Time Optimization

We also assist in booking the fastest direct flights to your desired destinations or with shortest lay-overs.